About Us

What we do

Live Well Rehab offers physiology services for a wide range of common health conditions, injuries and rehabilitation needs.

Physiologists are Qualified Health Professionals

The advice and treatment provided at Live Well Rehab incorporates advanced scientific understanding of the role that nutrition and exercise play in human health.

Our onsite facilities include exercise equipment so you practice prescribed exercises with your physiologist to ensure you learn correct exercise techniques for your treatment.

Appointments Available – No Referral Required

You may be referred to us by your doctor but you are also welcome to organise an appointment without a referral.

Meet our Physiologists

Brendan McCann

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies). AEP ESSAM

Previous Work in the field: Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Queensland Reds 2010-11. Assistant Cardiac Technician Princess Alexandra Hospital 2008.

Exercise Physiologist since: 2011

Speciality areas: Post-operative musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Management of chronic diseases in particular osteoarthritis, heart disease & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Falls prevention.

Most satisfying thing about your job: Seeing clients arrive at the clinic in debilitating pain and leaving with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. The best thing about my job is the people that I get to work with. Meeting all these interesting and lovely clients and helping them to reach their fitness and functional goals makes me love coming to work.

Health care tip: Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. Make it fun.

Caitlyn Huth

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Qualifications: BClinExSc ESSAM AEP

Previous Work in the field: Practical work experience at University of the Sunshine Coast Gymnasium, Sporting Wheelies and Disabilities Association, Respiratory Investigation Unit (Prince Charles Hospital) and Live Well Rehab.

Exercise Physiologist since: December 2015

Speciality areas: Providing education and personalised exercise prescription for active lifestyle changes in the management of chronic diseases, pain management and falls prevention.

Most satisfying thing about your job: Helping people to understand that exercise is not just for “fit” people, it’s about having the healthy and happy body that everyone deserves.

Wian Van Heerden

Wian Van Heerden

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Qualifications: BClinExSc ESSAM AEP AES

Previous Work in the field: Rugby League Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Diabetes Educator since:2017

Speciality areas: Chronic disease management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, lifestyle and behavioural change to positively impact quality of life.

Most satisfying thing about your job: Seeing people return to the activities they love after overcoming a debilitating condition.

Health care tip:Move as well as you can, then move as often as you can.