How To Know When You’ve Over-Trained

Are you in a vigorous training program? Then you need to be very careful while training the way carry out and execute the program. Some people especially newbies end up training beyond the limit hoping to get quick results – this can be dangerous to their health. When you expose your body to too much training without rest, then you end up hurting your body. But how much is too much? 

Are You Over-Training?

Here are some of the signs that can help you identify when you’ve over-trained:

Sore Muscle

Having sore muscles after a day of vigorous training is normal, but if the pain persists for more than a day, that means you have overworked. You should consider resting your body; otherwise, the continuation of your vigorous training will not only make it worse but also contribute to you being unable to achieve your goals.

Changes in Sleep Habits

Sleeping HabitsThis is another factor which can help you determine if your body is affected by too much training. Unfortunately, you might be having a hard time falling to sleep even after a tiresome day. On the other hand, you might be oversleeping. You may also observe that you’re longing to sleep even after sleeping for many hours. If you notice any of this, it’s high time to pause the training.

Increase in Injuries

You should observe the occurrence of injuries. When you experience minor injuries and strains, like lower back pains, and take no rest, your body does not get enough time to restore them causing the minor injuries to build up resulting in severe injuries naturally. Terminating rest days will not only worsen the small injuries but also become a major problem to deal with due to pushing your body too hard.

Deteriorating Health

This is one of the greatest reasons as to why you should always be cautious while training. Your health and diet play a crucial role in your body by preventing illnesses. If you’re pushing your body too hard, the resources will be dedicated to recuperating from training injuries instead of averting sickness. If you’re getting sick regularly and taking longer to get well, you might be overworking yourself.

Feeling Sluggish

Feeling tired for an extended period can be a symptom of overtraining. Sluggishness is caused by numerous factors like your body lacking enough rest after training. Consider having a daily exercise regimen and good training program that benefits you without overworking. Having done so, you’ll always feel energised but not exhausted.


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