Here at Livewell, we have connections with various health and fitness facilities, where our physio team often train, study and talk to students studying exercise physiology. The iconic Ballymore Stadium is no exception, which has been used as a training facility for both football and rugby teams for over 50 years.

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If you are a rugby fan, it is likely that you will be familiar with this historic stadium in Herston, Brisbane, which is home to the Brisbane city team in the Nation Rugby Championship, and has been the headquarters of Queensland Rugby union since 1966. The stadium was also home to the Queensland Reds Rugby Team until 2006, when they moved to the much larger Suncorp Stadium, where they play their Super Rugby matches.

The venue exceeded its 18,000 capacity when 26,000 fans squeezed in to watch the Wallabies victory against south Africa with two test wins to one, during the 1993 South Africa Rugby Union Tour of Australia.

Rugby Union Team
Despite the Queensland Reds moving their games to Suncorp Stadium, Ballymore is still used each year for hundreds of games, from the Queensland Premier Rugby finals to the Junior State Championships and grand finals.

Plans to redevelop the Stadium will be decided by the end of 2018, which would see the venue modernised to include a new wing and an elite training facility, costing in the region of $30 million. The proposal by the Queensland Rugby Union, would mean the stadium would become a national training centre for women’s rugby, and a second headquarters for both the Olympic Rugby Sevens programs and the Australian National Rugby Union team, the Wallabies.

The new wing would also mean that the Ballymore Stadium could be host to some of Queensland Reds Super Rugby matches, and also to women’s World Cup games in both rugby and soccer in 2021 and 2023.

So, there is potential for a bright future for this remarkable stadium, and definitely worth a visit while in Brisbane, to see one of the many games hosted there.

Ballymore Stadium offers limited parking and during events, there is a 5 minute parking restriction within the residential area. However, The Queensland Rugby Union provide a free shuttle bus service every 15 minutes to and from the Royal Brisbane Hospital car park, the corner of Bowen Bridge Road and Butterfield street. Or you may prefer to travel by bus or train to the venue from the surrounding areas. The nearest stations to Ballymore Stadium are:

  • Butterfield Street at Ballymore, stop 12 is 283 metres away, 4 minute walk.
  • Clyde Road Near Hunter Street, stop 12a is 422 metres away, 6 minute walk.
  • Butterfield Street at Butterfield Preschool, stop 11a is 542 metres away, 8 minute walk.

If you are looking to stay near Ballymore Stadium, there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. Depending on your requirements, prices can vary from around $28 per night for a more basic stay to around $150 for a much more luxurious experience.

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