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Tips for Preparing Yourself for Raceday

Check out our pre-race guide to ensure you’re in peak physical condition!

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Taper Your Training

You need to be fresh and full of energy come race day. It’s a good idea to taper off your training when heading into a competition. For endurance events, this usually begins around a fortnight out from race day.


Get a massage in the week prior to race day. Leaving it to a couple of days of competing can have an adverse effect on performance.

Carb Load

Carbohydrate loading is a popular tactic leading up to raceday, but this doesn’t just mean eating bulk pasta. As training tapers off leading up to race day, energy (kilojoule) and carbohydrate requirements also decrease. It’s important for athletes to taper food intake accordingly to avoid unwanted weight gain immediately prior to racing. Roughly 7-12g of carbohydrate per kilo body weight for 24-48 hours prior to racing will sufficiently fill muscle glycogen stores (carbohydrate stored in the muscle).

Sleep Quality

Adjust your body clock earlier in the week leading to the race to ensure you’re rested and relaxed come race start.

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Plan Energy Intake and Sustenance

your body depletes its cells glycogen stores after around 90 minutes of continuous aerobic exercise. Refuelling is essential for longer races (high carb/sugary food replenish the body quickly e.g. lollies, carb bars, gels) Practice this process also.

Know Your Pacing

Know the pace you expect to be able to hold for each leg, and try not to stray too far from that. There’s a lot of excitement at big events, so its easy to get carried away and get a surge of adrenaline and go out way to hard and end up walking or cycling at a below average speed.

Make Things Easy on Yourself

Keep lollies in your wristbands. put oil in your wetsuit to able to slip off easy. Use elastic running shoes, use rubber bands to hold you cycling shoes in place. It’s a good idea to employ any legal tactic to keep you moving as quick as possible and make the transitions smooth and quick in triathlon events.

Know The Course

How many laps, how many swim buoys, what to look for in the water, where to run through transition, mount and dismount lines. All important aspects when competing, although should be easier to navigate for a cycling only event like Brisbane Blast.

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