Cardiac Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology can play a major role in the improvement of your cardiac health. Cardiac health issues we offer treatment for include:

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High blood pressure left untreated can have serious health consequences. Among the most important treatments for hypertension are improved nutrition and a more active lifestyle. Your exercise physiologist will help you with easy to implement exercise programs as part of treatment to help you improve your blood pressure and get more out of life.


Lifestyle changes can be highly important in helping you manage and treat angina. Knowing how to eat properly and exercise correctly can not only reduce the pain and discomfort angina causes but also reduce other heart disease issues and improve your overall health.


It is no secret that exercise and nutrition are highly important for maintaining a healthy weight. If you are already obese it can sometimes be daunting knowing how and where to start to get back to a healthy weight range. Live Well Rehab will help you by customising a treatment plan specifically for your situation.

Post Heart Attack

After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery or stents your exercise physiologist can help you with an exercise treatment program to return to many everyday tasks and decrease risk of further heart attack.

A healthy heart is very important for a healthy life. Contact Live Well Rehab today to arrange an appointment.

Many cardiac health conditions can be dramatically improved through the science of exercise physiology. An exercise program is an essential part of treatment for a number of serious heart and cardiac issues. Hypertension, obesity, angina, post heart-attack treatment are four concerns that the team here at Livewell Rehab help people with on a regular basis.

Benefiting from the knowledge of exercise physiology we have on hand, we are able to help people with these often debilitating health issues and give them some hope for the future. Speak with one of our trained exercise physiologist professionals today to find out exactly how we can help you or read more about your specific condition to determine if our treatment methods are right for you.


Hypertension is a big problem in Australia as people continually try and pack more and more into their already hectic schedules. High blood pressure is not something that should be ignored and serious consequences may be suffered if action to stop hypertension is not taken as soon as possible. One of the best ways to reduce abnormally high blood pressure is to reduce stress, and one of the best ways to reduce stress is through a combination of diet and exercise.

If you are suffering from extremes of stress or high blood pressure than come and talk with us and find out how we can help. A change in diet and a new exercise routine can quickly and dramatically improve your condition and have you feeling more relaxed and distressed in no time. Ongoing treatment will also help you deal with stress in the future and give you the ability to keep your blood pressure at a manageable level.



You don’t need us to tell you that obesity can be cured through exercise and healthy diet, but sometimes people need motivation or reminding. If you are overweight, concerned about becoming overweight, or physically impaired due to your current obese state; we can help. Not only will our exercise physiologists be able to assess your condition and give you guidance on how to improve it, we can also help to motivate you, energise you, and get you out of your current lull.

With our guidance, and utilising our knowledge we can help you establish good habits that will over time become second nature to you. These healthy habits will help you to reduce your weight to a manageable and desirable level. We are confident that through our programs and with our help we’ll have you shedding the kilos is smiling again in no time. Don’t let obesity and depression take hold of your life, take action today and speak with us to find out the first step to a better life.


Angina is a condition where the patient suffers a sharp chest pain due to a lack of oxygen rich blood circulating near the heart. The discomfort can also occur in shoulders, back, the jaw region, the neck, and even in the arms. Sometimes the pain caused by angina can feel like heartburn or indigestion. Lifestyle changes including changes to diet and exercise can play an important part in managing and treating.

Our staff can show you which of your current habits are likely worsening your angina and teach you how you can improve your condition. Improve your overall health with exercise physiology not only will it decrease the occurrence and severity of your angina will also reduce the risk of suffering from heart conditions.

Post Heart Attack

The last thing you need to be worrying about after having suffered a heart attack is going through it again.

If you have gone through coronary artery bypass surgery or stents treatment with an exercise physiologist can be an important part of your recovery process. Not only will we be able to help you start living life like you did before the heart attack, will also be able to give you guidance on how to decrease the risk of any future heart attacks.

Your cardiac health is not something should be taking chances with. Speak with one of our trained, exercise professional physiologists today and find out how we can help you improve your heart condition and overall health before it’s too late.

Contact Live Well Rehab to discuss our services. We’ll help create an exercise plan for your condition. Organise an appointment with us today.