Dietetics & Nutrition

Dietetics applies an in depth understanding of the role of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle and the prevention and treatment of disease and illnesses. A Live Well Rehab Dietician can assist with advice and education on dietary choices specific to your health and lifestyle needs and goals.

Why See a Dietician?

Dieticians can help with much more than just advice for obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight. There are many other illnesses and conditions that can be treated and managed with the help of your dietician including:

Obesity and Diabetes

Eating for Allergies and Intolerances

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Alzheimer's Disease

Heart Disease

However, you don’t need to be unwell to benefit from the advice and services of a dietician. A nutritional plan from a dietary expert can also be useful for preventing illness and promoting good health and fitness.

Appointments with a Live Well Rehab Dietician are available with or without a referral from your doctor.