Senior Health Conditions & Treatments

As our bodies age, the way our bodies respond to exercise changes too.

Your physiologist can help with age appropriate treatments for a range of common health conditions that can occur as our bodies’ age.

Common conditions Live Well treat with senior patients include:

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

The benefits of treating hypertension with the help of your physiologist include a reduced risk of heart disease.

Chronic Pain

Exercise Physiology has been proven an effective component of treatment for many types of chronic or ongoing pain.


Managing arthritis with the help of your physiologist can help you love more of the activities you enjoy and reduce the pain and discomfort you suffer.


Exercise is a very important part of treatment for osteoporosis but it is important that you learn appropriate exercises from your physiologist to minimise the chance of injury. You can also receive assistance from a Live Well Dietician on meeting daily calcium requirements.

Make the most out of every day. Call Live Well Rehab today to see how our physiologists can help you get more out of life.