Exercise Physiology Treatments for Teens

Being a teenager is never easy and it can be even trickier when your life is impacted by health or wellbeing issues. Deciding to do something about it during the teenage years can pay off for a lifetime.

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Common conditions that Live Well Rehab can help with for teens and young adults include:

Obesity and Overweight

Live Well Rehab physiologists can help with realistic and achievable steps towards a healthy weight range.


Causes of teenage depression vary and your exercise physiologist can help with treatment appropriate for your individual circumstances.

The teenage years are a challenging stage in life for various reasons. This is a crucial development stage and anything that can hurt your overall health for the rest of your life is to be heeded with extreme caution. At Live Well, we are very passionate about the health of kids during their teenage years, and we have a broad range of health programs to better their health. Their eating habits and their mental health are two critical things that we emphasise on. Amongst the many conditions that we can help teenagers and young adults overcome include:

Obesity and Overweight

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Being overweight and/or suffering from obesity stems from abnormal fat accumulation in the body.  It’s a major problem in Australia as the number of obese teens becomes increasingly common. It’s a condition that’s mostly blamed on bad eating habits, particularly due to snacking. At Live Well, we are overwhelmed by the number of teens who come to us with this problem. In a majority of cases, the problem is mainly the lack of control within the patient and what they choose to eat.

A range of factors can make somebody overweight or obese, but lifestyle and eating habits are highest on the list. Kids love snacks, and they sometimes grow into this habit in their teenage years. If it’s difficult to kill the craving, then there is a problem. With more energy getting into the body than what is needed, it will only be a matter of time before the teen becomes obese. Other conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, asthma and sleeping disorders can also cause excessive weight. In some cases these genetic syndromes could be the reason, but it is not very common.

Apart from teenagers, obesity also affects people across all ages. The main symptom of obesity is excessive weight gain and growing much too big. Obese teens are at risk of major bone and joint problems, shortness of breath, early maturity and restless sleep. It’s easy to tell whether the person is obese and overweight by using the widely known Body Mass Index (BMI). This is one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools for this condition. Waist circumference is another tool to diagnose the condition.

There are various treatment programs for the condition, and some people prefer medication to shed some weight. Obesity medication is drugs that help increase metabolism so as to burn excess fat. At Live Well, our dietitics highly recommend the use of a proper diet plan and physical exercise as the best treatment for being overweight or obese. Visit us and get help from our professionally trained physiologists and trainers on how to deal with your unique condition. Our professionals will recommend the best diet plan and create a unique exercise plan to help you shed off excess weight. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have gotten back to a healthy weight.

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This is a common but serious mood disorder found in many people. It’s a condition that is difficult to diagnose in the initial stages, but it tends to develop progressively. Although the condition is mostly associated with older people, teenagers and young adults are also prone to it. Depression is a condition that affects how you feel, how to handle daily activities, how you react to situations and how you think. It is a very serious condition to teens since most are unable to control some of the symptoms. At Live Well, we have noticed that the number of young adults suffering from depression has increased significantly in recent years.

It’s not easy to tell whether the teen is suffering from depression or just being a teen, especially in the initial stages. With time, various signs such as persistent sadness, pessimism, feelings of guilt, decreased energy and feeling worthlessness will be definitely visible. We also know that there are different types of depressions, with seasonal affective disorder and psychotic types being the lead types. Similar to adults, the causes of depression remain somehow the same, but for teens, a lot of it has to do with self-esteem based on looks, size (obesity) and many other factors contribute to depression. At Live Well, we have been able to develop appropriate exercises to help aid with this condition.

As a professional health expert will diagnose depression based on various factors. First, the history, symptoms and the type of depression are three important factors to consider. Secondly, a blood test is another way doctors can determine whether the patient is suffering from the condition or not.  Last but not least is talking with the patient. This is the most effective diagnostic tool for depression. A professional will be able to notice the signs of depression by having a talk with the patient. At Live Well, we highly recommend a sit-down as the main diagnostic tool for depression.

The good thing about depression is that even the most severe cases can be cured. There are different approaches that can be used to manage and treat the condition, with medication being the most common method. Medication solutions work best when combined with other therapies. Being a mental disorder, psychotherapy is crucial in managing and treating this condition. Brain stimulation therapy has also been very effective in treating depression. At Live Well Rehab, we have developed super effective and appropriate therapy programs to help deal with any form of depression affecting teenagers. Our professional physiologists have been trained to ensure that patients recover from the condition successfully.

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