Exercise Rehabilitation Treatments

Live Well Rehab exercise physiologists are experts in determining a suitable exercise program for your lifestyle, age, and any existing health conditions.

Livewell - Exercise Rehabilitation

Having a healthy body is not all about eating a balanced diet, as many think. Exercise is fundamental as it not only makes your body feel good and relaxed but also shuns away as many diseases as possible. Live Well Rehab has a team of physiologists who are highly experienced in determining the types of exercises that you need to carry out depending on age, lifestyle and other health conditions.

The exercise program that your physiologist plans for you is always tailored to your needs and designed to improve your quality of life.

    • Weights and strengthening exercises
    • Exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and movement
    • Exercises to help repair injured muscles, tendons or joints
    • Postural improvements for relief of pain and discomfort
    • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced impact of chronic conditions on health

All exercises are demonstrated by your physiologist to ensure correct technique and exercise and gym equipment is on site to demonstrate correct use when needed. Your exercise physiologist can also help with supervision and adequate monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate.

Weights and strengthening exercises

Gaining weight is a problem that is too prevalent in Australia. Improper attention to weight in a human can cause a lot of harm to one’s body. Most heart diseases are related to increased weight and hence the need to kerb the menace. The solution to weight gain is carrying out weights and strengthening exercises.

Many people go to the gym to do exercises without proper know-how on how to go about it. Today you don’t need to worry; Live Well Rehab is your solution. We have the best exercises physiologists to take you through health exercises for your body. Age, lifestyle and health conditions are the factors they use to determine the kind of weights to lift among other strengthening exercises. They are able to take you through bodyweight workouts as a beginner. Some of the exercises we carry out include push-ups, walking lunges, dumbbell rows, jumping jacks and weight squats among many others.

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Exercises and Stretches to Improve Flexibility and Movement


Besides reducing weight, you also need to stretch your body in order to improve flexibility. Most exercises that are done to make your body flexible can be carried at home. However, without proper training, you may end up not achieving your goal, and you can also hurt your body. You need a physiologist who will take you through these exercises to ensure maximum flexibility.

Some of these physiology exercises include the upper body stretch, ankle stretch, shoulder stretch, back of leg stretch, thigh stretch, neck stretch, shoulder and upper arm stretch, chest stretch, calf stretch, hip stretch and lower back stretch amongst others. We at Live Well Rehab ensure that our physiologists will give you the best exercises for stretching your body to make your body flexible all the time.

Exercises to Help Repair Injured Muscles, Tendons or Joints

There comes a time when one is injured, tendons or muscle, either through sport-style games or when doing exercises. You don’t need to stop doing your exercise, as there are exercises that help your injured muscles recover quickly. We always ensure you get the best physiologists to help you in stretching, strengthening and improving posture to help your injured muscle(s) to heal quickly and properly.

Among the exercises that our physiologists recommend include graduated training, postural correction, strengthening and flexibility. These practices are carried out systematically to ensure your healing process is under control all the time. We have the best, quality machines and equipment to maximise our healing capability.

Postural Improvements for Relief of Pain and Discomfort

Many people in Australia suffer from postural problems, including pain in the back and lower neck pain amongst others. These problems are caused by over-exercise, poor standing or sleeping posture, too many home chores, among much more. Some people end up becoming paralysed due to lack of enough information.

You only require some proper attention and the best exercise to kerb this problem. Live Well Rehab is the solution to all problems caused by poor posture. Our physiologists are able to give you the best exercises that will ease the pain and discomfort in your neck, back or spinal cord.

Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Reduced Impact of Chronic Conditions on Health

Lack of health exercise contributes to most cardiovascular diseases in Australia and the whole world. If not treated early, these diseases can cause paralysis, and to some extent they are deadly. However, these diseases can be reduced considerably by having the right exercises.

Lack of experienced physiologists has significantly contributed to many people ignoring exercise. However, Australians should never worry as Live Well Rehab has all you need to ensure that cardiovascular diseases are minimised greatly. We have many physiologists able to guide you towards the best exercises to have a healthy body throughout your life.

Appointments Available With or Without a Referral

When you visit Live Well our physiologists will discuss any relevant health and lifestyle questions with you to determine the most suitable exercise program. If you have been referred by your doctor to Live Well then your doctor will also pass on information to assist in organising the most effective treatment for your needs.

Posture & Muscle Control

As part of your treatment or rehabilitation program your physiologist may assist you with posture and muscle control exercises.

Incorrect posture can lead to muscle and joint discomfort and is a common cause of back pain, neck pain as well as pains in other body parts. Postural problems left untreated may even cause long term damage to certain muscle groups and chronic pain.

There is good news though. Exercise physiologists can help treat and manage many of the pains and discomforts caused by postural issues. Live Well Physiologists can give you simple and practical exercises to improve muscle control and posture so that you can be improving your health even as you stand, sit or lie down.

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