Improve Your Flexibility With These Easy Stretches

Runners StretchWhen you can barely squeeze a workout into your day, doing some additional stretches may feel a bit too much. However, stretching is an important part of physical fitness as it can help improve your range of motion, increase your blood circulation and calm your mind. This will help prevent injuries and illnesses and give you a good night sleep.

Below are some full-body stretches that you can do help improve not just your flexibility but also your health.

Runners Stretch

To do this stretch, start by stepping your right foot forward and lowering yourself into a lunge. Next, place your fingertips on the floor. If you can’t reach the floor, use a firm cushion instead and place your fingertips on it. Breathe in one motion and exhale as you straight up your right leg. Slowly return to the initial lunge position and repeat the routine four times while switching the sides.

Standing Side Stretch

With standing side stretch exercise, you need to stand with your feet close togestanding side stretchther and your arms stretched overhead. Clasp your hands together while interlacing your fingers, inhale as you extend your fingers upward. Breathe out while bending your upper body to the right. Take five slow breaths while slowly returning your upper body to the center. Do the same on your left side.

Forforward-hangward Hang

With this stretch, you need to stand with your feet slightly apart and with your knees slightly bent. Interlace your fingers on your back, use a towel if your hands don’t touch together, try and hold on to a towel. Breathe while straightening your arms to expand your chest. Exhale as you bend at your waist while letting your hands stretch towards your head. Try and hold for five deep breaths.

Low Lunge Arch

Step your right foot forward in a lunge while lowering your left knee on the floor or a blanket. Then bring both your arms in front of your right leg. Hook your thumbs together, palms facing the floor. Breathe while you sweep your arms overhead then stretch as far back as you feel comfortable. Take five deep breaths before switching sides.

seated-back-twistlow-lunge-archSeated Back Twist

The Seated back twist exercise involves sitting on the floor with your legs straightened out.You then need to bend your right knee while stepping your right foot over your left leg. After that put your right hand on the floor with fingers pointing outwards for support. Next, bend your left elbow and start turning to the right while placing your arms back against your right knee then try and breathe as you sit tall. Exhale as you twist while pressing your arm to your leg and look over your right shoulder. Hold on for five breaths before returning slowly to the center.



Doing regular stretching routines will help you become more flexible and mobile. This will prevent your body from becoming stiff, thus you’ll be able to do your main exercise routine with less risk of getting injured.


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