A well-balanced life is a fruitful life. As the saying goes, ‘work hard, play hard’ so should ‘study hard, exercise hard’ be a common practice. All too often the joke about your weight gain during University becomes reality. When your body is in order, so then will your mind follow suit, and vice versa. If you properly care for your body then you have paved a steady foundation for your mind to grow and to be strengthened. The campus of Queensland University of Technology, of Brisbane, is home to a fantastic aquatic and fitness centre which is operated by YMCA.

QUT Kelvin Grove Campus

Photo Credit: qut.edu.au

The state-of-the-art facilities provide an outdoor tennis court and sports field. Indoors, there is a gym, a sports centre, and a heated 25m swimming pool. The tennis courts are available seven days a week for your convenience. They are open to staff and students of QUT in Brisbane, as well as, to the general public for making reservations. YMCA’s outside sports field contains a LigaTurf® Football Field, a Spurtan® Athletics Track, on top of all this, the facility even has a seminar room which comes along with all of the necessary amenities. All of the facilities that are located on the sports field are available for hire. The indoor gym is equipped with the latest technology, offers high intensity and functional training, meditation and mindfulness programs, free body scans, group fitness classes, and even community events. You are sure to find a good activity for everyone in the family at QUT’s YMCA.

YMCA QUT Kelvin Grove Campus

Photo Credit: qut.edu.au

YMCA of Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane is recognised as an elite athlete friendly University by the Australian Institute of Sport, as well as, the Australian Sports Commision. The students of QUT have the opportunity of a lifetime to train in such grand facilities such as these. The social sport options cover all bases. You can choose from volleyball, touch football, soccer, netball, basketball, dodgeball, water polo, and they even hold social dance classes. There are enough options here to tickle anyone’s fancy. QUT students have the fortunate opportunity to engage in both the training and organization of the Australian University Games. With more than 300 elite athletes dispersed throughout our 50 sports varieties, it is safe to say your sports career will be in good hands with the QUT campus sports program.

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