Located a short ten-minute stroll from the central business district in Brisbane, the Roma Street Parklands are a convenient and beautiful location where you can keep up your favorite personal exercise routine. The 16 hectares of beautiful greenery and stunning trees provide a visually stimulating work out experience while you are soaking up the sun or safely protected in the cool shade. The Roma Street Parklands of Brisbane have a perfect mix of family fun, including barbeques and year-round calendar events, and fitness through recreation. The possibilities of how to use the parklands to their fullest potential are virtually endless and is a great site for the whole family to enjoy.

roma street parklandsOnce a month The Sound Society hosts a Sunday morning melodic experience that will help you release the worries and stresses you have been carrying throughout your month. The musical group holds a beautiful performance in the heart of the city. This has become a perfect excuse to gather the family for a picnic and enjoy the inspiring union of music and nature as they dance as one. This oasis, in the midst of Brisbane’s hustle and bustle, provides a much-needed getaway without leaving the convenience of the city. The Roma Street Parklands has enough food vendors sprinkled throughout the grounds that will certainly satisfy everyone’s craving.  Since this monthly magical event is free you will be saving on your budget and it will free you up to share the delight with as many friends and family as you desire.

If you are one who is more inclined towards the bent of volunteering and giving back then we invite you to join us here at Roma Street Parklands. There are so many ways to get involved including the morning of music each month, as well as, the free guided tours given twice daily. For those who are leaning more towards participating in the tours call our office at 1-300-137468 ahead of time to be sure the tours are running at their proper times of 11 am and 1 pm every day.  There is also an option for a self-guided tour. Come to the Roma Street Parkland’s information desk and pick up a sitemap to explore the beautiful and lively scenery.  We are home to luscious flowers, towering trees, 26 uniquely designed works of art, as well as, other iconic locations. To spend a day on the turf of our life-giving grounds is one of the best decisions you will make to replenish your heart, mind, soul, and body from the stresses of daily life.

exercise physiology
Roma Street Parklands are also an ideal location for rehab patients from The LiveWell Rehab centre of Brisbane to come for their therapy practices. LiveWell hosts a safe environment for all your therapeutic needs. Our faithful physio team provides top-of-the-line services in exercise physiology, exercise rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, musculoskeletal therapy, metabolic health, as well as, treatment through neuromuscular therapy.  The Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane holds the perfect space to take care of your exercise therapy needs, smash out your workout goals, or simply have a weekly family picnic.  Come and enjoy the sites, sounds, and vibrant energy in the heart of Brisbane while you fall in love with nature all over again.