How Does Telehealth Work?

Patient during online consultation

Video or Telephone Consultations

Telehealth uses either video or telephone consultations to provide our health assessments, prescription and health education remotely, avoiding any physical contact.

Workcover, NDIS, Medicare, DVA and AgedCare

Workcover & NDIS (with plan or case manager approval), Medicare, DVA and Aged Care consultations can now be performed through telehealth. Most private health funds are offering rebates on telehealth consultations. Contact your health fund to ask if it is included in your policy.

Home-Based Exercises

We provide healthy lifestyle advice and prescribe exercises that you can complete within your home to assist you with managing your illness, disease or injury.

Make an appointment with an exercise physiologist at Live Well Rehab today and manage your condition with exercise treatments.

Telehealth in Australia

Live Well Rehab utilises two platforms for telehealth consultations, Zoom and Physitrack. For clients who don’t have access to computers, tablets or smartphones we also offer phone consultations. Contact us now to learn more about your telehealth consultation.

Telehealth Benefits

Here are some examples of conditions that will benefit from a telehealth consultation with our trained exercise physiologists. Contact us for more information on treating your condition via a telehealth consultation!


A nutrition plan and exercise program are key to improving your high blood pressure. Our expert exercise physiologists will help you with an easy, home-based exercise plan.


A healthy weight range is possible with the right exercise and nutrition. Live Well Rehab will customize an easy-to-implement treatment plan for your needs.


We share proven exercise and nutrition programs that will help you manage diabetes. Control diabetes and other related conditions with advice from our exercise physiologists.

Telehealth Appointments with Exercise Physiologists

Are you interested in a telehealth consultation with Live Well Rehab? This is how telehealth in Australia works:

  1. Contact us via this form to notify us of your interest in a telehealth consultation.
  2. Our administration team will be in contact with you to schedule a consultation. You will be sent a step-by-step guide on how to use the software and a checklist to complete before the consultation.
  3. You will also be sent a consent form via email which you can sign digitally. Once this document has been signed it will automatically be emailed back to us.
  4. Your exercise physiologist will contact you 5-10 minutes prior to your consultation to ensure everything is ready and working.
  5. We can then assign you an exercise program through Physitrack to complete independently if required.

Make your health a priority today. Contact one of our exercise physiologists today and get professional help for your condition – the sooner, the better.

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